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Buckle up, it’s weekend! – „HRHRHRRNR“ (pronounced: „Hard Rockin‘ Hardrock Hard Rock Rock’n’Roll“) is a declaration of love to the most beautiful moment of the week: Friday evening! Time to format your hard drive while listening to loud rock music and partying to excess, after the week has been filled with unbearable crap in the office, lecture hall, classroom or wherever else everyday life is annoying enough to drive you crazy.

Self-ironic as ever, the Idar-Oberstein six-piece SpeedBottles plays lyrical rock’n’roll cliché bingo and has a few hits on the card: blue jeans, Bon Scott, beer and whiskey, screaming guitars… The stuff every hard rockin‘ hard rocker’s dreams are made of.

In the accompanying video there is a fitting symbol of this great little freedom: What embodies this attitude to life better than the moped club? Correct: nothing at all! Get out of the daily grind and into your rocker gear, it’s the weekend, baby! Instead of a fat Harley, it’s off to the party on a Zündapp, complete with fox-tail. The country lane becomes the highway, living is easy. This extremely important (un)cultural document was created in cooperation with the Grizzlyriver Mofaclub.